how it begins pt 1

In the beginning you don’t get into ‘teaching music’, you get into music. You don’t decide you are going to devote most of your life -of your working life, at any rate, to teaching. Especially when you had a complicated and conflictive relationship with teaching in your school days. In my particular case, this has been a long process of getting nearer to understanding little by little what it is about -not just teaching somebody to play chords or scales or pass grade exams, but something else that emerges gradually,

Music was always important to me but it wasn’t the centre of my life when I was a child. I never would have thought that music could be, even less would be, my chosen profession. It was something at which you arrived because you were rich and could afford piano lessons (this was probably true in Caracas in the sixties) or because you had immense natural talent for some aspect of popular music and equally immense good luck and I didn’t meet any of those criteria.

I started teaching people to play the guitar very soon after I started learning it. One day in my second year Classical Guitar at the Escuela de Música in Santa Capilla my teacher made a small gesture of impatience… “that guitar of yours is not good enough, you need a better one”. I couldn’t afford a new guitar and said so. He replied that I could teach and save that money for a better guitar. But, profe, I hardly know anything… “Most people don’t aim at playing at a level like the one you’re aiming for… you already know more than most people would be bothered to learn and practise….” and so I started to teach, as a side-line..

to be continued….

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