In the beginning you want to play the guitar. So you struggle on your own for a bit, get a friend to teach you the chords to ‘House of the Rising Sun’ or something like that. Eventually you decide that that is not enough and you need proper tuition; you can only go so far on your own steam. In my own case, I was lucky -after years of playing on my own, playing guitar in bad, bad little rock bands and playing protest songs with an acoustic guitar, I started ‘proper’ music studies at a conservatoire and eventually started guitar lessons with a teacher that was just right for me. Lots of lucky coincidences. For many people this is not the case. They discover the guitar (and that they really, really want to learn) much later in life, they don’t find a local teacher, or someone who is both capable and proficient and also encouraging and inspiring.

I have been playing and teaching now for way longer than I would like to remember; I have been jotting down notes on teaching for as long, but haven’t done this systematically or with the idea of putting together a method or an instruction book. I still don’t think I want to do that, but will be trying to put some of those ideas (both general things and particular approaches) here, little by little. Don’t expect a systematic approach or a guitar ‘method’, just scattered ideas. I’m still not that sure how I’m going to do this, so we’ll see how this turns out.

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