teaching notes for a little piece by Fernando Sor (‘Andantino’, from Op 35)

• ‘Andantino’  /F Sor , page 94 in Jeffries’ book started 31-10-14 not today

bar 15: practise this change apart. Put fingers 1,2  in place at the same time first of all, then finger 4. Aim always to put both fingers for a pull-off in place at the same time.

dynamics: we talked about ways to shape the phrases

– call and response: those two note motifs -call a little louder, response a little quieter

– literal repeats: first instance on the sound-hole, the repeat on the bridge.

–           notes from previous lesson: needs to be quite legato

– make sure you don’t release fingers too early -you tend to prepare the next fingers a bit early

– make sure you don’t over-prepare right hand fingers by touching on strings that should still be ringing.

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