Some Testimonials from Pupils:

Some Testimonials from Pupils:

• David Gardham:

I’d had a few guitar lessons at school (over 15 years ago!) and enjoyed playing guitar in my spare time. I decided it was time to take formal lessons as I was keen to develop my skills and knowledge further.  I found Flavio randomly – but he has proved to be a fantastic teacher. He is knowledgeable, encouraging and inspiring- as well as an annoyingly good guitarist!  I’m a classical player but he teaches a whole range of stuff.  I’ve had lessons with Flavio for 18 months and am delighted with how my playing and theory has improved.  But most importantly he’s helped me rediscover my passion for the guitar.
(David reached ABRSM Grade 8 in 2015 after only a few years taking lessons).

• Patrick Duggan Jnr

You probably don’t remember but one of the first pieces you taught me was the beautiful acoustic “is there anybody out there”
I was in awe and thought my fingers will never be able to play that,then came Brouwer.
Before I knew what was happening I was playing the lead from comfortably numb and working on Steve Vai, Van Halen, Johnny Marr and John Dowland!

(more to come…)

We have recently help our pupils David Gardham, Marcel Armour and Zeynep Sun prepare for their successful ABRSM Grade 8 exams.

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