of advertising, domains and this music teaching thing

Considering whether to set up my guitar teaching page on WordPress.com. I’ve set up a basic site at https://camdenguitar.wordpress.com. It works but their basic templates are so ugly!

There is a clash of names between my previous site (camdenguitar.co.uk) and a local music shop with an almost identical url, which has resulted in people finding them instead of me when they search for guitar lessons in this area (even if you type my address in a search box Google will still ask you ‘did you mean… x’ x being the guitar shop’s url. So I have a small problem right there; thinking of several possible solutions but don’t want to ditch the domain just yet, I’ve had it for over twelve years and put it on lots of stationery and advertising.

In the meantime, I’m still here. Three of my pupils have recently successfully done  their ABRSM Grade 8. I have a very interesting set of existing pupils, including a very capable electric guitarist wanting to explore and expand his skills and a fledgling composer with enormous passion and drive and vast erudition on matters of theory of music and composition, even though his practical skills need some polishing  on harmony, counterpoint and other matters-but that’s why he’s coming for lessons. I’m not getting bored! But I do need to get a bit busier.


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