Teaching guitar on the year of the plague

Last day of 2020. And what a year this has been. I’ve learnt a few things about what I do.

I’ve managed to keep a modicum of private teaching going, all of it via Zoom & al. I’ve done perhaps three or four face-to-face lessons since March when this whole thing started. It’s been very complicated at the two schools I teach, one of them in particular where the situation seemed to be getting out of control and I felt decidedly not safe.

OTOH, I’ve come to realise that I could do this guitar teaching thing anywhere in the world, provided there is good internet. I’m currently preparing several pupils for ABRSM and Trinity grade exams, teaching a six year old (I don’t usually take them so young but he’s making good progress and enormously enthusiastic) and have a couple of pupils in remote parts of the world. The only complication with the latter is the having to sort out convenient times when you are eight hours’ away. I can do this work purely online, it doesn’t have to be from a tiny flat in one of the most expensive cities in the world, the attractions of which are all denied us in a time like this.

This is perhaps a little digression in what was meant to be a blog about the more technical sides of guitar teaching -and about details of guitar technique, but is a necessary reflection on these strange times. Contrary to what I might have anticipated when this whole situation started, I haven’t floundered and I’m still here, teaching people, trying to help people reach their potential in this small area of human endeavour, the making music on the guitar.



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